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Toolkit by Addy Codes is a curated collection of links to resources for people who make websites.


This website uses locally hosted, anonymised and cookie free analytics to measure the effectiveness of our website and improve our user experience.

The web server provided by Krystal Hosting in the United Kingdom also stores access logs including an IP address. We have a legitimate interest to store this information to provide the content to you and ensure the security of the platform.

The website is routed through CloudFlare for security and speed purposes to visitors around the world. CloudFlare set an essential cookie and collect basic information for the purposes of providing the service.

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Adding a favourite link will store this information in your browsers local storage.

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We take no responsibility for the content of 3rd-party links. The content may be subject to change at any time and may not be up to date. Outbound links are appended with a referral tag pointing back to this website for the purposes of demonstrating our traffic to website owners.


You can contact me for any enquiries or data requests at [email protected].